Lawn Mowing:

lawn mowing services

McDermott Lawn Care uses top of the line Exmark Lazer Z series mowers. We keep our blades well sharpened to ensure your property will look its best. We have clients whose lawns we cut weekly and other customers we cut every ten days. We do not mow on a regimented schedule. We provide service when your lawn needs it.  Going on vacation and want to maintain the look of your property? You can trust us to maintain your property while you are away.


mulching services

Mulching keeps your garden beds healthy and looking their best. Simply select the color mulch you want and let McDermott Lawn Care do the rest. Garden beds will be edged and mulch spread evenly to enhance your properties curb appeal. Not only does mulch look good it also helps prevent weeds and retains moisture in your soil to provide a healthy base for your plants and shrubs to thrive.

Spring Clean Up:

spring clean-up services

Winter months can be harsh on your property in this area. Let us get your property back to its finest! We will remove any fallen tree branches and leftover leaves. We will clean out your garden beds and then lay a fresh layer of mulch to start the spring off right. Call us today for a free estimate.

Fall Clean Up:

fall clean-up services

Fall brings beautiful colored leaves to our area to admire. However, when they finally land on the ground they can become a huge task to remove. Let us help! Please call us to provide a free estimate on leaf removal.